The Country Champions are Leaders in their field of activity. Their backgrounds are as diverse as the problems they face in their home country, but one of the things they have in common is their commitment to building a strong Instrument for Peace, Security, Democracy and Sustainable Development around the world.

Each year, the program launches a call for applications in order to select representatives. The call for applications is for mid-career professionals working actively in the areas of democracy, development and the rule of law. Candidates can work as policy makers, academics, legal professionals, social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and leaders of civil society organizations (such as representatives of trade unions, non-governmental organizations, the media, business and professional associations). In their current capacity, candidates must play an important and influential role in the political, economic and social development of their country. Participants must demonstrate their professional and personal achievements in a relevant area of ​​democracy, development and the rule of law. Each year, before the summit we strive to select a diverse group of people who are at the right stage of their professional careers in order to promote, peace, security, sustainable development, democratic change etc. in their home country and face the current challenges that undermine our community.



  • The Country Champions have a mission to create a worldwide community of activists for peace, security, democracy, sustainable development, a healthy and prosperous environment while strengthening their links through social networks and face-to-face through workshops, conference, forum, summit, meetings and capacity building around the world.
  • They are responsible for coordinating the actions of the local Champions, to carry out activities in accordance with the objectives of the program,
  • They are responsible for the restitution of the Summit in their country of origin, to deliver the proceedings of the summit to the authorities of their country, to monitor and evaluate them in order to make concrete proposals for a excellent organization of the summit.
  • They must ensure that their countries are well represented in all program activities. As a result, they are responsible for carrying out all the necessary actions to facilitate the participation of their fellow citizens.




Our Country Champions play a key role in the implementation of the program, they are responsible for constantly informing the Big Family of Champions on the news related to peace, security, democracy, human rights in their respective countries. They move democracy, celebrate peace, magnify it and with it security and sustainable development. They are selected one per country on the basis of merit. The Country Champions are happy to be peacemakers and contribute to security and sustainable development.





MIP-CP is an annual meeting of the Country Champions which takes place on the eve of the summit. It allows the Champions to give their opinions, comments, proposals on the Program and to bring the news of their respective countries and the difficulties encountered to the knowledge of the group. MIP-CP is chaired by the Program’s CEO.


Our Country Champions

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