PLANETE PAIX, is a peacekeeping organization that addresses the issues of good governance, social well-being, training and environmental issues. In addition, we defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, either individual or collective. Finally, we encourage democracy, the rule of law, sustainable development, progress and provide help, wherever there is a need. Founded on March 5, 2007, PLANETE PAIX is chaired by Mr. Achille COMOE and collaborates with any individual or Institution, desirous of peace and social well-being in Africa and worldwide and who share our ideals as recalled in our preamble and defined in our charter of commitment. Our organization Object: β€’ Peace, (Brotherhood, solidarity, democratic principles, harmony, conviviality.), β€’ Good governance (Corruption, the notion of citizenship) β€’ Social well-being (progress, development) β€’ Gender β€’ Environment