1. We Young Champions renew our commitment to Peace, Security, Sustainable Development and the promotion of a sustainable economic, social and environmental future for our Planet and for present and future generations;


2. The promotion of Peace, Security and Sustainable Development and the eradication of poverty are the greatest challenges that the world faces today and the prerequisites for all harmonious life on earth. Consequently, we are firmly committed to achieving the objectives of peace, security and sustainable development, but above all to freeing man from hunger and poverty;


3. We de facto take note of the need to work to integrate more and more the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainable development at all levels, and recognize the links between these aspects, so as to ensure sustainable development in the true sense of the word;


4. We recognize that people are key actors of Peace, Security and Sustainable Development and as a result we are working for a peaceful, safe, just and equitable world for all and we are committed to working together for peace and security in the world and to strive for sustainable economic growth that benefits all, social development, and the protection of the environment for the benefit of all;


5. We recognize that democracy, good governance and respect for the rule of law, at the national and international levels, as well as a supportive environment, are prerequisites for peace, security and justice. Sustainable Development, with notable consequences for sustainable economic growth and Social Development for all. That such a climate guarantees the protection of the environment and the elimination of hunger and poverty. We reaffirm that to achieve these goals in terms of sustainable development, peace and security, States must develop efficient, transparent, accountable and democratic institutions at all levels;


6. We reaffirm the vital role of women and recall that they must participate fully and equally in decision-making in all areas dealing with peace, security and sustainable development;


7. We are committed to promoting equal access for women and girls to education, basic services, economic opportunities and health care services;

8. We affirm that gender equality and the effective participation of women are of great importance for effective action in all areas of sustainable development;


9. We commit ourselves to promote and contribute to security, peace and sustainable development in our respective countries and regions through a platform for exchange, support, monitoring and observation in all social, environmental, political areas of life;


10. We are not controlled or influenced by a government or intergovernmental agencies. The program is non-political and non-denominational.


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