Our first quest on earth must be Peace, human development and a healthy environment. But this supposes the love of our neighbor, a shared fraternity, a frank cohabitation and a protected environment.
Therefore, for peace and reconciliation in the world, for the development of Human being and for the environment, as an honorary member of the NGO PLANETE PAIX,
I act !
I declare on my word of honour that:
1. I Recognize myself in the values of PLANETE PAIX and democracy, in the project of a society of freedom, fraternity, secularism, justice and solidarity progress;
2. I Commit myself to promoting lasting peace, non-violence, harmony, harmony, conviviality, fraternity, progress, sustainable development and assistance wherever there is need;
3. I shall respect the beliefs of others;
4. I shall preach tolerance and union;
5. I shall cultivate love around me;
6. I shall emphasize dialogue and communication in conflict resolution;
7. I shall encourage meetings and exchanges between leaders, communities, peoples;
8. I shall give privilege to and develop love toward my neighbor, sharing, the general interest;
9. I shall contribute to the advent and maintenance of peace;
10. I shall reflect on the social bond and the importance of this link in our societies;
11. I shall give privilege to human development and environmental protection.

Using the dynamics of dialogue between peoples, reconciling man to himself, man to man and man to nature and its environment.
And as such want to participate in one way or another in any activity within the strict framework of the objectives and vision of the organization ” PLANETE PAIX ” around the world and facilitate its implementation.