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The Young Champions Summit for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development is above all an instrument of peace, security, solidarity, democracy, cohesion, development and living together.

The mission of the Country Champions is to create a worldwide community of activists for peace, security, democracy, sustainable development, a healthy and prosperous environment while strengthening their links via social networks and face-to-face through workshops, conferences, forum, summit, meetings and capacity building around the world. They are responsible for coordinating the actions of the local Champions, carrying out activities in accordance with the objectives of the program, returning the Summit to their country of origin, delivering the summit proceedings to the authorities of their country,  follow up and evaluate it in order to make concrete proposals for an excellent organization of the summit. They are responsible for carrying out all the necessary actions to facilitate the participation of their fellow citizens.

This program works to create a community of activists for democracy and peace while strengthening their links through social networks and through state workshops, meetings and capacity-building opportunities around the world.



The Young Champions Summit  for Peace, Security and Sustainable Development is a unique event that sees every year the presence and contribution of a hundred young participants from all continents on topical issues. It is indeed an important moment in the construction and strengthening of coalitions of actors on major current issues such as Corruption, Climate Migration, Deforestation, Poverty Alleviation, Empowerment of Women, Violent Extremism and terrorism. And it is a great satisfaction to have demonstrated this collective capacity of non-state actors, in their diversity, to exchange, to forge common answers and to have been able to express themselves together. This Summit represents a moment of deep work, with internships of a few hours in institutions, expert panels and restitutions. The results of the three (03) days of meetings are given to the different state authorities and institutions. Through the dissemination of elements we hope that other partners join the platform and join the program. We express the wish, with all the participants, to give life to the momentum created, to reinforce the commitments, and to transform the proposals of the different Summit into progress. With all the Young Champions, we remain very committed to the success of the program and work to make it a success, but above all, after this meeting time, all those who have the capacity to act, reinforce their interventions. The resolution of all these topical issues requires the firm commitment of each, the cooperation beyond the particular interests. This is the strong message of the Summit, and again, we want to express to all of you a big thank you for their participation and contribution.

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