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On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, the sections of Cocody, Abidjan Campus-Universities and Plateau headed respectively by KOÏ, SOMBO and SAVANE co-animated the “Book Club”. This activity is organized in collaboration with US Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire. It consisted of presenting two books, “Rework” and “There is no But.” In the first book, which is a practical guide, the authors teach how to achieve good results in all our dealings, in our daily life, in business, even at the stage of startup.This book presents methods of success, used by the greatest modern and old entrepreneurs.The second book tells the story of a person doomed by the disease to die from birth according to doctors, but who will survive through the positive thinking of his parents.It immediately becomes the laughing stock of his entourage because of illness. Witty Student, but unable to do sport because of the fragility of his bones, he will eventually let himself be overcome by discouragement before realizing that there is no limit but himself. He will then conclude by saying there is no but. And as there is no but PLANETE PAIX invites you to read.