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On Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 9 :00 am, the first book club activity of the NGO PLANETE PAIX section – Gbêkè was held up on the topic : “The Challenges of Leadership Culture for African Youth”. The Panelists for this occasion were MM. Constant Konan and Gilles Amankon. The panel session was led by Miss Elena Abozan, Moderator. Mr. KONE, the Secretary General was the MC. Long before beginning the session, the President presented the NGO PLANETE PAIX and the context of the Book-club activity in her speech.
Afterwards, the panel began with the intervention of the vice-president, Mr. Gilles Amankon. In his presentation, he presented the book “Trouver son pourquoi”, authored by Simon Sinek and Davide Mead
After this presentation, the Speaker discussed the writing context of the book, the author’s guideline, the author’s definition of “Why”and many other information noted by the author in his book relating to the theme of the said activity.
The author explains how to discover one’s why through three stages which consisted of gathering memories, identifying recurring terms and formulating clearly and simply what is achievable in order to contribute in a meaningful way. significant to impact the community.
Finally, the Communicator made the link between the book of the author and the leadership of young Africans.
In short, knowing your “why” is the best way to achieve long-term success by taking advantage of more flexibility and innovation.
The second panelist took the steps of the first by presenting the book entitled “How to develop his leadership” with Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller as authors.The second panelist took the steps of the first by presenting his book entitled “How to develop his leadership” Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller
He began from the context of writing, a guideline and continued his presentation through several points raised by the author.
It is about the secret of leadership, assets, the goal, how to do better, the issue of sucess.
What to grasp in the second presentation is that “the true leader has nothing to do with the hierarchical level” patience, culture and listening must be for him levers. For KEN, a true leader must be helpful and temperate
The activity ended at 11:20 am, after the words of encouragement from the Corner Manager Mr Kla.

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