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On Wednesday 17 April 2019, the Sections of Cocody, Campus and Plateau co-organized the Book Club activity initiated by PLANETE PAIX in partnership with the United States Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire. Two books were broken by Mrs. SAVANE and KOUASSI. The discussions were on the books “Find His Why” and “Show Your Work”, written respectively by Simon Sinek, David Mead, Peter Docker and Austin Kleon. For Mr. SAVANE to find his why according to the author, it is to define our reason which is a long-term job. He give some precepts from the book to listeners to be a great leader. He urged them to identify what inspires them, to begin step by step to materialize what inspires them, to get rid of the people who choke them and to build a steering team. The second panellist advised to act on oneself, towards others and towards social networks. Inspired by the book, he recommended to be creative (Just a way of doing things that others have done), amateur (accepting to be wrong), thinking about death (time is limited). In addition, they must find a collective (the vampire test), give others their values and mobilize their networks. At the end of the activity all participants wanted more books and book club activities to help them increase their potential.