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PLANETE PAIX has witnessed, with dismay, gross human rights violations by security forces, particularly in certain African countries.

PLANETE PAIX, Organization for Human Rights and Peace, is against violence in all its forms.

PLANETE PAIX therefore calls on the competent authorities, who must not understand the State of Emergency and respect for human rights separately. It calls on authorities to take all the necessary measures to ensure that such acts, which are assault and not law, do not happen again.

PLANETE PAIX is closely following the situation of Coronavirus disease through its Representations around the world.

A joint reflection of all the Country Champions and Champions will soon lead to concrete proposals which will be communicated to our respective authorities and to our populations.

Prompt recovery to all COVID-19 patients
Down with Coronavirus disease ;
Strong health to healthy people ;
Peace in the world ;
Long live humanity!

Done in Abidjan on 03/25/2020

The Central President of Planete Paix
H. Em. Achille COMOE

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