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PLANETE PAIX celebrated, as usual, the International Peace Day by showing the way forward for a lasting peace and a harmonious development without hatred or violence. The theme of this year is drawn from the words of President Félix Houphouët Boigny: “Peace is not an empty word but a behavior”. From September 19-21, 2019 in order to show good practices and push young people to be more active and responsible for more peace, security, sustainable development; in a word, positive impacts in their different Communities the Organization has initiated 3 types of activity. The first activity of September 19, 2019 was about “American programs, effective tools for a peaceful, dynamic, Responsible youth committed for sustainable development ” and aimed to inform and strengthen the capacities of about hundred young people of KOUMASSI at Foyer 05 of the said District. Mr. YAO Loukou Meyrieux, Coordinator of American Space show the opportunities related to American centers, American spaces and the American corners. Afterward, Mr. KOFFI Guy Honore, Cultural Affairs Specialist of the US Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire, presented the opportunities offered by the US State Department by explaining the various existing programs. Finally, the Organization’s Central Chairperson, Mr. Achille COMOE, a Yali Techcamp Alumnus, took the floor and thanked the participants for their interest in the activity before giving them some tips for submitting their files. This activity was done in collaboration with the Koumassi City Council and the US Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire.
In her speech, Mrs. Ellen PETERSON, Cultural Attaché of the said Embassy, encouraged young people to join American programs by stressing the importance of programs and how these tools could change and significantly improve their lives and those of their families and community. On Friday, September 20, 2019 in order to engage the Ivorian population in general and its youth in particular in good practices PLANETE PAIX proceeded to the cleaning and sanitation in several localities including Yopougon and Cocody through its program: “To each his trash can “. This activity, implemented with the collaboration of the local authorities, aims to make the population in general and the Youth in particular responsible and eco-citizen. The Health and Public Hygiene Champions collected garbage, plastic bags and cleaning in a number of locations while raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy environment. Finally, the Peace Day of September 21 was marked by a panel on peace around the general theme: “Peace is not an empty word, but, a behavior”. This activity started with the projection of Peace messages from the Representatives or local Presidents of PLANETE PAIX and the abroad ones followed by a film about the President Félix Houphouët Boigny. The Panel was the place for participants to express their views on political, electoral and social issues and to discuss their responsible commitment at all levels for a lasting peace and sustainable development. The panel recorded three (3) experts on peace, human rights, security and personal development issues. Mrs. ANNE Françoise DIOUF, Member of the Young Champions Network and Order of Young African Leaders (OJLA), who came especially from Senegal for the International Day of Peace with her fellow-citizen Khady Aly Lobe Ndiaye addressed the issue of: “Youth, Peace and Security in Africa”. Then the second panelist, Mr. Giscard KOUASSI, UNDP Governance Program Specialist, addressed “Peace regarding the United Nations System”. Finally, Dr. Nene Bi Arsène, the third panelist emphasized the responsible involvement of young people in politics through the topic: “Young people and political commitment”. The debates were frank, objective, sincere and very enriching according to the participants. They have also encouraged PLANETE PAIX to make the program sustainable as it contributes to the democratization of our young Republic and to the empowerment of youth.