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Many important topics on the international development agenda and human rights have a day of observance. For example, December 10 is Human Rights Day, while June 20 is Refugees Day. It’s time for the identity to have its own day of observance. International observance days are effective and practical means of raising awareness and raising awareness around a subject. According to the United Nations, “United Nations events contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and promote awareness and action on important political, social, cultural, humanitarian and human rights issues. ‘man. They are a useful means of promoting international and national actions and stimulate interest in United Nations activities and programs. “


Why International Identity Day?


International Identity Day (known as ID-Day) aims to raise awareness of the important role that identity plays in enabling people to exercise their rights and responsibilities in a fair and equitable way. a modern society.


Why September 16?


The choice of September 16 has been chosen to commemorate Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16.9, which calls for a legal identity for all, including birth registration by 2030.



The ID-Day campaign was launched by ID4Africa during the 4th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa movement, on April 24, 2018, in Abuja, Nigeria. The launch was initially welcomed by more than 1,500 individual signatures approving the proposal. This represents almost 99% of the delegates present, which reinforced the need to move the campaign forward for further development and international engagement.


Development and progress


The campaign entered its second phase in August 2018. This phase consists of forming a coalition which has been created for the political advocacy of the institutions represented, which will sensitize the United Nations delegations and their governments on the importance of identity legal so that they will vote in favor of this resolution when it reaches the General Assembly of the United Nations. Today, the coalition is represented by more than 110 of the world’s largest organizations who are members of the coalition and who support this resolution.


About coalition partners


The call for recognition of an identity day is a global initiative since identity plays an increasingly important role in the world, both in developed and developing economies. . It is on this basis that key partners must participate and align themselves with this campaign in order to sensitize governments and countries around the world on the responsible adoption of legal identity.


Promotion of the day of international identity


Lest the world forget the importance of identity, we urge all policy makers to join the coalition to help them create a permanent reminder that will give each country the opportunity, every year, to come together and assess their progress towards achieving this goal of such fundamental human development. This campaign in no way implies any financial commitment, and shows that your institution supports this initiative. Countries and organizations that choose to observe on this day would be encouraged to organize events and activities to educate the public, legislators and officials on responsible adoption of the identity and necessary protection around it. last to make it a working tool for the public good.




2018 : Call to action – International Identity Day has been declared.
AUGUST 2018 : Beginning of the Coalition’s establishment.
JUNE 2019: The coalition exceeds 100 international partners.
SEP 2019 : Nigeria officially declares September 16 as National Identity Day.


The campaign will continue until international and universal recognition is achieved.


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