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The problem of inclusive, peaceful, democratic and participatory elections is one of the thorny issues of the African continent. Our country, Côte-d’Ivoire has experienced in recent years many and significant upheavals. The lack of education of citizens in electoral matters, the method of appointing personalities who embody electoral institutions, the exclusion of certain political actors from decision-making have not favored a consensual democratic process.
The main objective of “PEACE DIGITAL ELECTION” project is to promote inclusive, peaceful, free and transparent elections in Côte d’Ivoire through digital tools (WhatsApp, Facebook).
The project targets in the short-term 2464 potential voters and will build the capacity of about ten million (10,000,000) potential voters on the need for their participation in the electoral and democratic process through the setting up of a digital and classic platform throughout the Ivorian territory promote by the year 2020. Thus, the members of the platform will be able to make their voices heard by registering massively on the list of electors and by voting. They can also fix classic or virtual debates, sensitization, posts and messages on social networks. During the electoral period the electoral project of all the candidates will be popularized by these digital instruments in order to allow the members of the platform to have a perfect knowledge of these projects and to enlighten their choice. The project also takes into account gender considerations and marginalized or vulnerable groups.