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On Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 9 am the NGO PLANETE PAIX section – Gbêkè organized a book club. This activity organized in collaboration with US Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire, was about the following topic “Marketing : what use is it for a better visibility of your company”. The panelists of this Book Club were Mr. KONÉ Tanyo Boniface and Miss Marie France KOFFI Aya.The first panelist, Mr. KONE presented his book that is useful “The purple cow : make your brand, your products, your remarkable company” with author Seth GODIN. Mr. KONÉ made a brief presentation of the book “The Purple Cow”, and the author “Seth GODIN”. Indeed, Seth GODIN, is a well known author in the field of marketing. Through his book, The Purple Cow, the author gives us the keys to a good marketing. It identifies how and why to be outstanding in the market and in business. Finally, Mr. KONE, through the book of Seth GODIN made a comparison of the purple cow to an individual who seeks work with his CV. For Seth GODIN the purple cow is your business, it’s your brand, it’s your product, it’s you. So, make it or yourself exceptional, and you will have greater visibility. The second panelist, Miss KOFFI Marie France also presented the book entitled “StoryBrand : Making your mark and make your voice heard” and the author, Donald MILLER. The author through the SB7 method shows us how to be seen, heard and he starts from a series of stories to illustrate the SB7 method. Donald MILLER identifies through the customer’s story, the role of a customer, the place given to a customer during a marketing. StoryBrand by Donald MILLER is reliable way to script your brand to help you clarify your message and make you see, hear and understand because according to MILLER in StoryBrand: “If you’re confused, you’re screwed.”