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On Friday, September 20, 2019 in order to engage the Ivorian population in general and its youth in particular in the good practices, PLANETE PAIX carried out actions of cleaning and sanitation in several localities including Yopougon and Cocody through its program : “To each his trash”.
Through this activity, the Organization intends to celebrate peace, but, above all, to sensitize the population in general and Youth in particular about good practices in the field of hygiene and sanitation of their environment. The populations were invited to a responsible and eco-aware behavior.

The Champions of Peace, Sanitation and Public Hygiene in collaboration with other organizations and institutions including U-Report, AESEC and the CHU cocody proceeded to the collection of garbage, plastic bags and cleaning
in these localities while sensitizing the populations on the benefits of a healthy environment.

This eco-citizen behavior is a gesture of peace, and in line with the words of President Félix Houphouët Boigny “Peace is not an empty word, but, a behavior”, theme chosen for the International Day of Peace 2019. The Presidents of different sections have all call the different populations to a change of behavior for their well-being and well-being.