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The Council of Champions of the NGO Planète Paix urgently met on Saturday March 28, 2020 to reflect on the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic which today constitutes a serious global health problem and a psychosis limiting any socio-economic activity. The Council of Country Champions came up with 7 recommendations and asked states :

1- immediate and adequate care of infected people ;
2- a systematic general lockdown of three or seven days, the sole purpose of which is to allow mass screening by specialists with the effect of isolating sick people to treat them;
3- a mass disinfection operation in public places
4- the distribution free of charge of masks ;
5- financial support for populations throughout the lockdown periods;
6- the organization of an aid plan for diaspora nationals and the voluntary repatriation of these with accompanying measures ;
7- the granting of necessary means to traditional healers, doctors, pharmacists, virologists, infectiologists, epidemiologists and other local researchers in order to find an adequate treatment for the disease that is gnawing at the PLANETE.

Under recommendation 7, it notably calls on African states to trust their local researchers.

The Council also made the mid-term review of preparations for CAMEROON 2020. It considered that the assessment was satisfactory and expressed the wish to see the current situation of the Coronavirus pandemic find a rapid and definitive solution for the actual holding of the Summit.

Virtual meeting of 03/23/2020

The Country Champions Council