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On January 18, 2020, the Central President of PLANETE PAIX and the Chief Police Commissioner of Bouaké District, Mr. Jean Claude Bissouma Séry made a communication as part of the activity organized by Planete Paix Gbeke section in collaboration with the Prefecture police and the American Corner Bouaké on the theme: ”
Youth of today: What civic acts for security in the city of Bouake? ”

The President’s communication focused specifically on FISCAL and POLITICAL CIVISM.

Tax compliance is the voluntary fulfillment by taxpayers of their tax obligations. It results in the completion of tax declarations, their timely filing as well as the spontaneous payment of tax due.

Political good citizenship applies in the context of a relationship with the institution representing the community: It is therefore a question of respect for “public affairs” and the personal affirmation of a political conscience. Citizenship therefore implies knowledge of one’s rights as well as one’s duties towards society. This means conquering, exercising and retaining power without violence, that is, in strict compliance with the law.

Indeed, incivism being at the base of several ills in Bouaké, the NGO Planète Paix section Gbêkê, did not want to remain indifferent in the face of this observation and decided to block this destructive act by organizing a conference to inform and train young people on this subject so that they in turn fight against this fact.
This conference on civics of Saturday January 19, 2020 which was held at the Allassane Ouattara University of Bouaké, aimed to instill civics in young people in order to make them ambassadors of security in the city of Bouaké with their friends.

During the conference, Marie-France KOFFI, President Champion Head of the NGO Planète Paix in Gbêkê Region, spoke in these terms << In view of the refusal by motorists to wear a helmet, it was decided that the general safety debate in the city of Bouaké should focus on the theme: "Youth today; what civic acts for safety in the city of Bouake? ” The two Speakers, Mr. ACHILLE COMOE Central President of the NGO Planete Paix and Mr. JEAN CLAUDE BISSOUMA SERY Senior Police Commissioner of the Bouake district insisted on the role of the youth by inviting them to more involvement. The Chief Commissioner Mr. JEAN CLAUDE BISSOUMA said that: "Since the security issue is not the sole responsibility of the authorities, civil society must be trained and informed about the attitudes to be followed. I believe that the youth of today can take civic action for better security in the city of Bouaké because the NGO Planete Paix has just shown us that they are Young people and agents of change> >.

Several people and structures responded favorably to the invitation, in particular those responsible for organizing civil society and representatives of the city authorities.

It was in a cordial atmosphere that this conference took place, closed by a program produced in order to collect the impressions of the participants.